On Friday 08 January 2010 17:32:05 Jim wrote:
> I recieved a Video that says it's a .wmv file but Linux Properties says 
> it is a ASF format.

ASF is the "container" and almost every wmv and wma is indeed an asf file.  
Since an ASF file may contain audio, video or both, these alternate (file-
extension) naming conventions have appeared (wma for audio; and wmv for 

> I have tried to play it with VLC, Xine, Mplayer but there is a codec 
> problem. They all play the Audio of the file but not the Video.

Ok, so it seems you have just the codec for windows media audio but not for 
wmv... For issues like this I use a nice tool called "mediainfo" that will 
tell you all the characteristics of the video file. Check it out:


There's an rpm for Fedora...

> Using Mplayer, I get this error message.
> The playback of this movie requires a video/x-asf-unknown decoder plugin 
> which is not installed.

Did you install the codecs tarball from the MPlayer site? Check this guide:


I think that's what you are missing.


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