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Summary: Review Request: libGLw

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> 2 remarks:
> - The summary isn't quite correct: LibGLw provides Xt and Xm OpenGL widgets.
> It doesn't provide Xaw widgets.
> - Instead of building a standalone libGLw from Mesa's tarball, wouldn't it be
> easier to use SGI's original sources (I don't know if and where they still are
> available as a separate tarball) and to patch them to Mesa's state, or even to
> drop Mesa's libGLw in favor of SGI's?

Possibly.  I'm not 100% certain, but I think SGI's is what was present in
XFree86 and X.Org monolithic source tree.

Might want to have the license police go over it with a fine tooth comb
first though, as ISTR there being some bad-juju SGI licenses in the tree,
although I don't remember if that was for libGLw, or for GLX.  Ajax probably
remembers though.

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