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Summary: Review Request: ctapi-cyberjack

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-05-07 06:02 EST -------
I've just approved the ctapi-common package (bug 190911). I guess Ville will
import and build this soon.

So we've "solved" the where to put the ctapi library issue. Please modify your
package to install the library under %{_libdir}/ctapi and add:
Requires: %{_libdir}/ctapi

Also please remove the versioning (.0) from, but you should
still pass the -soname flag to the linker, just without the .0, .so files should
always should have an soname set.

I'm not sure what todo with regards to soname versioning for the pcsc
ifd-handler .so file. Ville do you know if these should be versioned or not?

Once we have the versioning of the pcsc ifd-handler .so file figured out please
create yet another version of your package. Sorry for the rough ride for your
first package. As I already said you picked a hard one. Well concider this a
good introduction to the review process and the general community process.

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