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Summary: libdhcp : IPv6 and IPv4 DHCP client and network configuration library 

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-05-19 19:32 EST -------
This is very strange. I'm not seeing anything like this when I build libdhcp in 
the dist-fc6 buildroot /tmp/jvd on the FC-6 build servers . I've tried i386,
x86_64, ia64, ppc64, and all builds OK with '-Wall -Werror', and the
RPM %install and binary RPM production succeeds with no errors (I'm appending
the logs - perhaps they'll give a clue as to the differences between your
build environment and that of the FC-6 build servers).

Please let me have access to the build environment you are using and I'll be
able to find the problem - all I know is that the package builds without any
errors of any sort on i386, ia64, x86_64, and ppc64 FC-6 - I can repeat on
the s390s if you wish.


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