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Summary: Review Request: php-apc

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> Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to look at the package in this situation
> I've made some changes to the spec file based on your feedback:
> Removed Buildrequires for php, auto*, libtool .. mock build says your 
> absolutely
> right and there was no need for them :-)
> I've added "Provides: php-pecl(apc)" to it, based on the sugestions in the PHP
> packaging proposal.
> Renaming the package to php-pecl-APC might be less desireable though, for a
> number of reasons. Firstly out of conveniance (its already imported and build 
> as
> php-apc), but more importantly out of consitency with php-json, php-idn,
> php-eaccelerator, etc ... only mailparse seems to follow this standard at this
> time, however if your of the opinion that it would be much preferable to 
> follow
> the php-pecl-apc naming, i'd be willing to send out the revoke mails and 
> rename
> the package too :-)

My preference would be for php-pecl-apc or php-pecl-APC; it's a hassle I know
but it helps to provide the right precedent for future packages (mailparse won't
be alone...). The new guidelines also have:

Where there is no naming conflict, a package named "foo" SHOULD do:
 * Provides: php-foo = %{version}-%{release}

so a "yum install php-apc" would still work if you had that.

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