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Summary: Review Request: php-pear-Mail_Mime
Alias: php-pear-Mail_Mime

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-27 19:31 EST -------
- rpmlint output:
W: php-pear-Mail_Mime invalid-license PHP License
W: php-pear-Mail_Mime invalid-license PHP License

Warnings can be ignored

O package is not named according to php packaging naming guidelines
 SHOULD be php-pear-Mail-Mime

- spec file name matches %{name}
%{name} needs to be renamed to php-pear-Mail-Mime

- package meets packaging guidelines
- package is licensed with open source compatible license
- license field matches actual license
- source contains license file in %doc
- spec file is in American English
- spec file is legible
- sources match upstream
0012fd2406597e60083bc4bce751cef2  Mail_Mime-1.3.1.tgz
- package successfully compiles and builds on FC-5 x86_64
O The %post and %postun should have: php-pear >= 1.4.9
- package does not use locales
- package does not contain shared libraries in default paths (no need to run
- package is not relocatable
- package does not own all directories it creates
 Package should own /usr/share/pear/Mail directory
- package does not contain any duplicate %files
- permissions are set properly
- package contains proper %clean section
- macro usage is consistant
- package contains permissible content
- package does not have large documentation
- package does not include header files or static libraries
- package does not use pkgconfig files
- package does not contain library with suffix
- package does not require a devel subpackage
- package does not contain any .la files
- package is not a gui and does not need a .desktop file
- package does not own files or directories owned by other packages

- Must change package name to php-pear-Mail-Mime (all other occurances of
Mail_Mime are okay, just %{name} and the filename should be changed)
- Package must own %{peardir}/Mail/ add %dir %{peardir}/Mail
- Must Add:
Requires(post):   php-pear >= 1.4.9
Requires(postun): php-pear >= 1.4.9
Currently you do not provide the version numbers and since 1.4.9 is required for
the options used in these sections they should be added.
- Change %defattr to (-,root,root,-)

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