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Summary: Review Request: imlib

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> Please don't flame me, as this is a bit off-topic.
> There is, incidentally, a GTK1 app (a GUI file-manager) I am interested in
> continuing to be able to run on future Fedora Cores called "Gentoo."  
> <>  (A different Gentoo than the Linux 
> distro.)

I remember using that several years ago.

> Do you see continued Extras community interest in maintaining
> GTK1 for the foreseeable future?

Yes. GTK1 has been dropped from Core and is in the process of moving to Extras,
where there will many users of it for a long while to come I expect.

> As a Fedora Legacy maintainer, I have thought about jumping on board Extras to
> help with your efforts.  Do you all have too many wannabe Extras maintainers
> already?  (That's the impression I have received from the discussions on the
> FAB list.)  Thanks.  -David

I concur with Jason; there is a limit to how many packages any one person can
sensibly maintain, so if extras is going to grow then it needs more maintainers.

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