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Summary: Review Request: gwyddion

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> In that case the licence tag should be
> License: GPL

If everyone likes to repeat the common `GNU license' mistake just with the
second part of the name this time (there are dozens of SomeProgram General
Public Licenses that are not GNU GPL), if everyone thinks that `GPL' actually
denotes something, or that it should be put to the License field even it does
not mean anything, or that something should be put into the License field even
if the license of a large part of the software if very different, and above all
that the proper license acronym `GNU GPL' cannot be there, well, I can put GPL
or cauliflower or whatever there, no problem, the tag is obviously not supposed
to mean anything.  But it isn't a technical issue so I won't make new src.rpm
now just to mangle one tag.

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