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Summary: Review Request: dircproxy - IRC proxy server

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The daemon can be run as any user, but it won't work for multiple users unless
run as root. The "switch_user" feature does not run the daemon as non-root, it
only briefly seteuid's to display another name:

 6.1  How do I change what username is presented on IRC?

     The obvious answer is to run dircproxy under that username,
     but that doesn't help if you're proxying for multiple people.
     Another option is to use one of the many fake ident daemons
     to return a false answer for you.

     There's also a third option, which is available to those
     running dircproxy as root (either as a daemon or from inetd).
     You can use the 'switch_user' configuration file directive.
     This ensures that the connection to the server appears as from
     whatever local username you give it (by seteuid()ing to that
     briefly) while the dircproxy process remains as root.

Exactly what should be done here, I dunno.

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