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Summary: Review Request: kadu - Gadu-Gadu client for online messaging

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-07-23 09:08 EST -------
First, thank for review!

> o American English: OK (but there is a trivial typo: s/Develpoments/
>   in %description devel and missing "by" at some "made by" in other
>   descriptions)


> - sources match upstream: not OK
> doesn't exist
>   anymore

Fixed; the address was changed.

> comments:
> =========
> - build should include debugging symbols, e.g. the buildlog has:
> >   Compile with debug symbols:         no
>   Please compile with debug symbols and let rpm automagically extract them out
>   into the debuginfo package.


> - permissions of shared libs should be executable to allow for debuginfo 
>   extraction


> - "Requires: libsndfile" is not neccessary (unless it needs something from
>   %{_bindir}/sndfile-* at runtime

Require deleted.

> - "mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs": Use emacs to tabbify/untabbify the specfile

Now, it's OK.

> - "%setup -D -T -n kadu" is missing "-q"


> - "unstripped-binary-or-object": Fix by making the modules executable either 
>   with chmod at the end of %install of with %attr/%defattr


> - self-defined macros: In general I'm not against self-defined macros to make 
>   packages more flexible or legible. In this case some macros make the 
>   harder to read than neccessary for example _kadudir being %{_datadir}/kadu.
>   I wouldn't call this a blocker, but I would recommend to unwrap most of 
>   macros to increase legibility.

No, I won't unwrap these macros. This is still SVN pre-release, some things
may change in future and macros make me easier to change path.

> Please install rpmlint on your system and use it on the packages while
> developing the specfile.

I've already installed it, but most of your errors wasn't showed for me by
rpmlint, do you use any arguments to it?

I'll give new addresses for SRPM and SPEC in next comment.

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