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Summary: Review Request: pulseaudio: Improved Linux sound server

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> (In reply to comment #30)
> > In LTSP thin client installations (where you need to have a networked audio
> > server in order to get sound) it is common to set up the LD_PRELOAD 
> > variable 
> > to load the dsp redirecting library system wide.
> Doesn't this result in disable prelinking system wide?
I've never thought of that but it could.  I'll mention this on the k12ltsp list
and see what response comes back.

> LD_PRELOAD is a neat trick but I've learned the hard way that it's basically a
> bad idea for anything other than debugging.  I'm not all that familiar with
> pulseaudio yet, but isn't there some other way to get similar functionality?
Monty mentioned on IRC that he's working on fusd (Device files from userspace.)
 He thinks that will allow pulseaudio to create the device files rather than
having to load a library that overrides calls to /dev/dsp with calls to
pulseaudio instead.  Without that I think all prior art is to use LD_PRELOAD in
this manner.  (Although thin client is the only place I'm aware of them doing it
system-wide; most places use the {esd,arts,pa}dsp wrapper to target specific

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