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Summary: Review Request: pulseaudio: Improved Linux sound server

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> (In reply to comment #39)
> > MUSTFIX: lib-devel contains pkgconfig file(s), so it ought to:
> > Requires: pkgconfig
> Hmm... is this to get the correct directory structure? Because a owner of .pc
> files has no need for the pkgconfig command (the users of the .pc files are 
> the
> ones that need the command).

A .pc file is useless without pkgconfig, hence packages providing .pc files
should require pkgconfig. And even if you don't buy that argument, the directory
that the .pc file is installed into is owned by the pkgconfig package, which is
another reason why it must be required.

Moreover, libpulse-mainloop-glib.pc in the pulseaudio-lib-devel package 

Requires: libpulse glib-2.0

glib-2.0.pc is provided by glib2-devel so pulseaudio-lib-devel should have a
dependency on glib2-devel.

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