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Summary: Review Request: vtk - The Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D 
visualization library

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-08-08 05:53 EST -------
Some days ago my rpmlint on FC5 even refused to recognize the objformat in FC6
and I have seen similar reports in bugzilla. Now it will pass the FC6 packages
with the same output like the FC5 packages.

Maybe this is an rpmlint false alarm? [EMAIL PROTECTED] doesn't show any
undefined weak symbols, neither on FC5 builds, not FC6.

> it only shows up when running rpmlint against the installed rpm.

OK, I can't test that at the moment only external rpmlint application is
possible for me.

But that sounds like an rpmlint bug the more. The output should be the same
whether applied on an external package or on an installed one.

Did you invoke an example on rawhide? Did the executable puke on missing sqrt?
That would display whether the rpmlint error is flase or not.

It looks strange, but for the pupose of the review I wouldn't invest more time
into understanding latest rawhide and rpmlint changes. FWIW I'm rebuilding all
of ATrpms with a disttag of fc5.91 for test2. Maybe it makes a difference, let's

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