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--- Comment #6 from Ngo Than <>  2009-01-08 06:34:38 EDT ---
>! License is listed as GPLv2+, should list "GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+" because the
>client library is LGPLv2+, otherwise OK

it's fixed in new package

>* Should polkit-kde-authorization appear in the menu as a standalone app or is
>it enough to have it in systemsettings? (IMHO the latter, but there _is_ a
>standalone executable provided by upstream.)

it shouldn't appear in the menu. The polkit-kde-authorization should be started
on demand. The another setting tool should be in systemsettings.

>* Do we really want to ship a -devel package right now when there are no
>installed headers yet? (Not that it will matter in the long term as a public
>API is planned.)

imo it doesn't make sense to ship the devel package that only has the symlink
and there are installed headers yet. New package doesn't include -devel

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