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Summary: Review Request: CGAL

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>  - Static libs:

My view on static libs is somewhere between Patrice and Ralf.  In 
situations where upstream does not provide a build mechanism for 
shared libs then I think it is acceptable for Fedora Extras packagers 
to ship static libs in -devel (that is, I don't think its necessary to 
force FE packagers to modify the build files to the extent needed to 
produce shared instead of static).  And, this view is entirely 
consistent with the Packaging Guidelines as they are currently 

That said, we can always submit patches to the upstream folks and try 
to help them build and use shared libs.  Helping the upstream projects 
is an honorable thing!  :-)

In any case, using the latest (-14) SRPM:
 + significantly cleaned up spec file (good!)
 + built for me in mock on FC5-i386
 + has an ability to work with LEDA but, since LEDA is now 
   proprietary, its fine that we don't try to use it (OK)
 - has an ability to work with TAUCS and, since TAUCS is LGPL,
   we should seriously consider packaging it for FE and using 
   it as a CGAL build dependency

Anyway, I'll submit a more thorough review later this week...

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