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--- Comment #11 from Kevin Kofler <>  2009-02-01 14:05:22 
EDT ---
> side note: Another thing that I've been told many times to use in a very
> specific unique way and that I couldn't find in the guidelines is
> %defattr(-,root,root,-)

That one is because the files must be owned by root. Without this, they can be
owned by some other user depending on how the RPM package is built.

> The image on the left-hand side of the applet does not look right. No matter
> how the weather is, it shows me a large black Ø contained in a larger white
> rectangle.

This is because the BBC reports the current weather conditions as N/A for
several locations. Apparently they don't get reports of weather conditions,
only temperature and wind. So we get a huge N/A icon. :-(

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