Sometimes what we are thinking does not quite make it to our fingers in time. lol

Nina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I just read my email, I have 7 cats, not 3.  Where did that come from?

Nina wrote:
I'm guessing that Arm and Hammer litter box deodorizer is more expensive than their regular baking soda.  They've got to pay for the marketing and fancy packaging somehow, right?  Try the regular baking soda and see if it works as well.  I too have three cats and I don't have an odor problem.  Well, at least not from the littler boxes!

Cherie A Gabbert wrote:
Thanks I will try that also, with 7 cats and 3 jumbo boxes, I scoop 3 times a day and change all of them on Saturday, with daily sprinkeling of Arm and Hammer litter box deodorizer, get very expensive. I use Tidy Cat with the crystals to reduce odor.

Nina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
$10 for 2lbs?  There goes the budget!  I buy Jonny Cat at Costco ($9 for 50lbs) and add baking soda (also bought in the jumbo economy size) and Feline Pine.  The Jonny Cat is cheap enough that I don't have to conserve litter when cleaning the boxes and sprinkling baking soda and Feline Pine in work on the odor control. 

Cherie A Gabbert wrote:
Can you let me know what you think of it? I am not sure if it can be used all the time, and if it has odor control? but right now I pay $10.00 for 21lbs and I use 3 of those a all adds up

Barbara Lowe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
there's a website for the litter
35 lbs for 14.95 and if you order two of anything,it's free shipping(click on the free shipping banner for more info).
i might order it as have had problems in the past but since i put them all on vit C and E and coq10 -10, i've had no problems--knock on wood or as my husband says, knock on the kitty's head.(they all love him...go figure...)
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Subject: OT: New cat litter will detect illness in cats

Here's something odd:
Pet Ecology is to release a new cat litter that will detect urinary tract infections, diabetes and pregnancy in cats.  It's called "SCOOP-lite". for more info.

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