I like Swheat Scoop, and FP, but my gang won't use it.  They only like clay.
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I'm now buying my cat litter at the hardware store.  I pick up a 40lb bag of wood stove pellets for $4.99...it doesn't mask odors quite as well has the pine pellets (Feline Pine, & Pet Smart's brand), but still better than all those perfumy cat litters.  I can change it more often and still save $$$.  Plus, the slightly larger pellets absorb better and last longer than the Feline Pine.

Cherie A Gabbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
You are right it is $10.00 for 21 lbs, and three of those I spend $30.00 a week in littler alone, not to mention other odor control items for my furr family.

"MacKenzie, Kerry N." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I think Cherie pays $10 for 21 (not 2) pounds!
The Costco deal sounds good.
I'm pretty happy with my Petsmart deal -- $10 for 40 lb Exquisicat litter and it's actually one of the best I've ever used, as good as Arm & Hammer which costs a lot more. (I don't have wheels, and Petsmart, 5 mins walk from my place, opened last year, thank goodness.)
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$10 for 2lbs?  There goes the budget!  I buy Jonny Cat at Costco ($9 for 50lbs) and add baking soda (also bought in the jumbo economy size) and Feline Pine.  The Jonny Cat is cheap enough that I don't have to conserve litter when cleaning the boxes and sprinkling baking soda and Feline Pine in work on the odor control. 

Cherie A Gabbert wrote:
Can you let me know what you think of it? I am not sure if it can be used all the time, and if it has odor control? but right now I pay $10.00 for 21lbs and I use 3 of those a week...it all adds up

Barbara Lowe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
there's a website for the litter
35 lbs for 14.95 and if you order two of anything,it's free shipping(click on the free shipping banner for more info).
i might order it as have had problems in the past but since i put them all on vit C and E and coq10 -10, i've had no problems--knock on wood or as my husband says, knock on the kitty's head.(they all love him...go figure...)
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Subject: OT: New cat litter will detect illness in cats

Here's something odd:
Pet Ecology is to release a new cat litter that will detect urinary tract infections, diabetes and pregnancy in cats.  It's called "SCOOP-lite".  www.petecology.com for more info.

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