I just want to say that now I am very much behind this letter...This is the concern...A pos test is a quick death sentence and even for the negatives that are running free with the pos....
Have you any idea what kind of numbers we are talking about ??  Is Peaceful Kingdom a local rescue group in Tenn.??  And Kara and Holly ???  Is there anyway we could get them to join us ???
I have a YaHoo group already in place that we started a year ago for a place to handle a similar problem of transportation and temp foster etc. and anyone is welcome to join it if its felt that this is getting too much for this list....  Come to
to join...
Also I have a garage that could house a large number of positives for the summer and I would be willing to pick them up at Newburg NY..(intersection of I87 and I80)...Still a very long way from Tenn. though....

Dear directors at Peaceful Kingdom Rescue,
Hi, I don't know if we have spoken yet (I'm trying to reach the person who is making all the decisions), but I have been speaking to Kara and Holly a bit. I am a member of the largest FELV support group in the country (probably the world), and several of our members have in the past taken cats to AW, or referred others to take their cats to AW. We are concerned, as a whole, about this part of the notice you sent out:
"Any animal surrendered by Rehnee Harvey will be thoroughly checked out by a vet (tested, examined, vaccinated, etc) and placed into a foster home, if such a home can be identified.  If a foster home cannot be found and sufficient funds can be secured, some of the animals may be boarded temporarily.  Being able to place these animals in a temporary foster home or boarding facility will help to keep them from being euthanized.  All of these animals will be put up for adoption unless they test positive for aids or leukemia.  We will list them on various web sites and they can attend various weekend adoption events as well.  Foster parents will be given support in trying to find permanent homes for these cats."
While we find it noble of you to promise to do your best to find homes for all the negative cats, we are concerned that you do not mentioned your plans for the FELV+ and FIV+ cats which are homed at AW. Many of these cats were taken there simply because it was thought to be a wonderful, caring sanctuary for them, and the idea that they may now end up being euthanised simply because of their positive status concerns us very much (we sent them there JUST BECAUSE this would not happen to them there). We would like to connect as many as possible of these FELV+ and FIV+ cats back with their original owners, or FELV+ foster homes within our group. We need your help. We need to know that you are willing to work with the positive cats too, in trying to get them back to those of us who have placed them at AW not realizing that it would be a death sentence for them! We, at the FELV support group, and the entire FELV+ cat community feel that FELV is NOT a death sentence, and we work VERY hard to try to place as many FELV+ cats in good homes or permanent sanctuaries as possible. Many of us are personally attached to these cats, and we want to recover as many as possible! If I can arrange foster homes, or find their original owners, I need to know that you can find at least ONE person down there that can temporarily house these FELV+ cats until one of our members can arrange transport for them (surely someone has an extra bathroom in their house). On a daily basis, our notices have been being responded to, and every day another owner of a FELV or FIV positive cat comes out of the wood-work to say that they want their cat that was sent to AW back! We CAN place at least some these cats, please help us help them! We need your support. FELV is NOT a death sentence!

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