So the mom is FELV+? Where are you located. One possibility is to find a rescue that will take (feral) FELV cats.


At 09:31 AM 8/28/2005, you wrote:
Hello everyone,

A while back I joined this list after trapping 5
kittens who tested positive.

Luckily, all 5 have been placed.  One little guy named
Emmet went to a home as a companion to another
positive cat.
The adoptive mom's vet said Emmet's glands are swollen
and doesn't give this kitten long.  Is this
necessarily so?

Their positive mother, who is quite feral,is still
crated weeks after her spay because there is some
conflict as to what to do with her.  She was sick at
the time we trapped her, and very thin, but now she is
eating so well it's hard to look at her like she's
sick.  Her orginal caretaker doesn't want her returned
to her yard, more out of fear that the cat will get
sick again, go off somewhere and die.  The cat was not
a piece of cake to trap in the first place, and is the
most secretive of the adults in the yard, so I can see
where she's coming from.  She doesn't want her living
in a cage either...any thoughts on this?

Thank you,


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