Don't take O2 too litely...It is a fire hazard..something of the same order of putting gasoline in your car....
We do that every day too...Don't smoke around it...but hopefully you aren't anyway....
Don't leave the tent closed while the animal isn't in it to use the O2...If the concentration of O2 gets very high it can be much more dangerous than it is at a lower mixture which is what is intended to do..just add a small amount to the air...not make it pure O2...and don't seal the carrier too tite..just so the air doesn't breeze through and it should be perfectly safe...

Gloria Lane wrote:
Oops - sorry, I haven't been keeping up.  I have the carrier now, and  the contact info of the couple who rigged it up (she was on the board  of the humane society, he's an engineer).

If you're near me, you're welcome to it, and I'll drive it part way -  if not email/call them and  they can describe how to rig it up!

One vet tech at the emergency clinic thought I was crazy, said it was  a fire hazard.  I thought for a moment, and said, you're wrong,  it's  used for people in their homes all the time. Why not for animals?

Little Rock, Arkansas

On Sep 9, 2005, at 2:13 PM, Nina wrote:

I can't remember who it was, but someone rigged a carrier so that  there was very little ventilation and funneled the oxygen into it  with the cat inside.  Nothing was inserted into their nose as far  as I can remember.  I've looked for the old email and can't find it.
I just went to search the archives and I did find this from Gloria,  (sorry Gloria, I should have known it was you, TC, or Patti!).   Anyway here's what Gloria wrote about making her own oxygen cage:

I have a carrier that was converted into an oxygen cage/carrier by a

friend's husband - he's an engineering type. I got it from her, just
in case, before my Cala died. If you're ever interested, I'll be glad
to share the carrier (I'm in Arkansas).

My friends used it for her kitty, and then she loaned the carrier to
me.  The problem is getting a vet to prescribe the O2 tank that
connects to the carrier -they think you're crazy...  and of course
you'd need to be home with him.   Think the O2 tanks are rented on a
monthly fee....?

People have O2 at home all the time - too bad it's not done more for
cats and dogs that want to be home.


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