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Kevin Blaisdell wrote:

Due to a change in my employment I need to move to
India for approx 1yr and am having trouble figuring
out what options I have for my FELV cat.  It is pretty
clear to me that I cannot take her with me to India
and have been asking everyone I know or get a chance
to run into if they would want to adopt or just foster
home her without luck.  Now my departure date is
approaching (I have already delayed) and I am getting
desperate trying to figure out good ideas of what I
can do.  Unfortunately the few people I know that show
any interest tend to be the few people that already
have cats and can't have a FELV cat.  I am just
looking for any advice because she has never seemed
sick in the 3yrs since I took her in and I figure if
she has 3+ more they shouldn't be aritificially cut

Some background on her;
3 yrs ago I lived in a neighborhood where this cat had
apparently lived for years on the street.  She was
having litter after litter of kittens and many of
course don't make it on the streets of Chicago.  I was
always very impressed by her toughness and will to
live and even raise kittens under such tough
circumstances and finally a neighbor was able to
capture her so I could try stop the cycle.  I took her
to a place to be fixed and they found she was FELV+. I didn't know much about it at the time, but they
wanted to put her to sleep immediately because it is
such a danger to other cats, etc, etc, etc.

Since she seemed so tough in living on the streets and
healthy (if a bit worse for wear) when I brought her
in I refused and said I would just let her live out
whatever time left with me.  I am glad I made that
choice because now 3yrs later she seems healthy and
comfortable.  It is unfortunate she can't have any
company and isn't a "lap cat", but considering
everything I think she is comfortable and certainly
has put on weight since the street days.

Now this employment situation is going on and I don't
know what to do.  Between not being a "lap cat" (but
very cute, quiet, and well trained) and FELV+ it seems
impossible to find a home.  I had hoped the fact that
I am willing to take her back when I can return to the
States would help, but it doesn't seem to.

This Fri I am taking her to a cat vet to get a totally
up to date status on her.  In the meantime I was
hoping maybe this board would provide me with some
ideas, leads, etc.  I really feel between a rock and a
hard place.


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