I know how you are feeling...I have been reading your posts about Bailey
over the past few weeks and thinking how close they were to my OJ....
I have been hoping for a miracle for our kitties and I am still hoping for
Bailey...And hoping that someday we will find the key to beat this thing...

Nina wrote:
Oh Belinda, it doesn't sound good.  It doesn't sound like he's responding to the meds and 20mg of Pred seems like so much!  Do you have high hopes for the leukeran?  I don't know girl, I hate to think it, I know how much you want him to get better, but I know first hand from seeing Gypsy in the condition you describe just how horrendous it is.  What do his eyes tell you when you ask him if he wants to keep fighting?  My prayers and tears are with you.  You're his Mommy, I know how much you love him, whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be the right decision for the two of you.  Blessings and love to you both,

Belinda Sauro wrote:
Bailey is not doing very good, he is getting 200ccs of food a day but is still wasting away.  He is still getting epo 3X a week, and 20mg of prednisolone split into 10mgs twice a day.  His diarrhea is for the most part gone, although he did just tonight have a mixture of a solid and runny bowel movement.  He is sooooooo bony and his muscle is all but gone on him, he is wasting away and I am starting to think there is cancer somewhere that we haven't found.  He has that cancer look (wasting away).  He potties wherever he wants and still just lays around.  I'm really worried about him, he seems so depressed.  We are suppose to do bloodwork in a week but I don't know that I want to wait that long.  Our last option is to add leukeran to the prednisolone he is getting.

He will be laying somewhere and when he gets up there is usually a little poop there, so it is still coming out of him involuntarily, he doesn't seem to have any control over it sometimes.  Anyone know what may be causing this???

Prayers are really needed, my baby is slipping away from me and I don't know what to do ...
Happiness is being owned by cats ...

Be-Mi-Kitties ...

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