Can you let kitty spend some time in the carrier at home, in and out to get used to it... Then a couple short trips in the car and if she doesn't freak I don't think she would
know the difference of going off the ground...
Also if she bonds with you and knows your voice she will be comforted if you are
with her... I don't think you need the sedative in your case...

Hideyo Yamamoto wrote:

I personally recommend that you do not give any sedatives --- depending
on a kitty, it will give a very weird reaction -almost they try so hard
to go against what the drug is trying to do and act very disturbed.

I traveled with Ayumi (she was very feral at that time)from Japan to
seoul, Seoul to LA, and LA to vegas and Vegas to Albuquerque - it was a
loooooooooooooong flight ... and she was nervous but she did okay
without any drug.. I heard that when a kitty is active and energetic,
usually the reaction is greater to the drug..

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Hey folks,

I'm flying to Minneapolis on Saturday, a 2.5 hour flight from LIttle Rock, and taking a sweet, energetic young Siamese kitty to his owner. Kitty will ride in the cabin with me. I've never taken a kitty on board with me before, so a new experience.

The vet gave me a sedative, ACE., and am pondering whether to use the sedative or not. Someone said that another option would be Benadryl, along with Rescue Remedy.

Any experiences with taking kitties on flights? With ACE? Think the dosage was 1/2 tablet followed by 1/4 if needed.

Thanks much!


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