Interesting that Mississippi requires rabies annually-- PA and CT (the 2 states where I have had cats) only requires every 3 years for rabies.  My vets have always stuck to that, but recommended annual distemper (?sp) and leukemia (a  lot of good that annual leukemia shot did Allie!)

Ashleigh Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
You know, it really makes me downright angry to think of how much the traditional vets are doing a disservice to their patients by hawking Hill's products.  I cannot recall the source at all, but I remember reading something about them getting some sort of benefit from the company for selling their food.  (Hmmm, sounds a bit like people docs promoting the drugs of whichever rep. just sent them on a fishing trip, doesn't it?)  For years, I fed Fred (my cat who dies of vaccine-associated fibrosarcoma) Hill's Science Diet.  My vet recommended it as the best, and I happily spent the bucks on my kitty.  I truly believe that people are actually being swindled when an animal "expert" recommends an expensive, unhealthy cat food.  (Can you tell I feel strongly about this?)  It was only because of information given to me by Bella's breeder that I started to really look at cat food ingredients.  Thank goodness she was more enlightened than the local vets. 
Also, I do not think traditional vets are all bad.  They generally do a good job, IMO, except for the food thing.  Alos, I think they're too vaccine-happy.  The holistic vet I saw today said vaccinating every three years (rather than annually) is fine.  He then asked about Mississippi's law on frequency of rabies vaccinations.  I told him they're required annually, but I also told him that the cops could come arrest me in my home if they needed to.  I doubt, with all the FEMA trailer park crimes and meth labs exploding in this area, that they're too concerned about me and my indoor kitty.  He laughed and agreed with me :-)

Lance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thanks for keeping us informed, Ashleigh. The holistic vet that
you're seeing sounds like a good one. Because my allopathic vet voted
down the Mega C, I'm going to start taking Ember to a holistic vet,
in addition to the allopathic vet, who I do like very much.
Interesting that the holistic vet voted down interferon. I had a
consult call with the holistic vet here, and she wasn't big on
interferon either. However, when we were talking about reversing
positives, she said that she had done that once... with interferon.
My allopathic guy had at least one reversal on interferon also. Hard
to say if the interferon did it, however.

Your comment about allopathic vets displaying corn-based crap in
their offices is so on the money. I don't understand how or why it
happens, and it makes me wonder just how highly the average
allopathic vet regards nutrition and how much they understand about
it. Unlike you, I'd had Ember on pretty bad (but supposedly good)
food (Hill's Prescription Diet t/d) for most of her life, and it was
recommended by our allopathic vet in Madison. When she tested
positive and I started researching, I was shocked to find out just
how bad that stuff is. It seems like, with the premium they charge,
Hill's could manage better ingredients. They won't be getting any
more of my money, if I can help it.

Glad to hear that Bella's doing well. Please continue to keep us posted.


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