Thanks kelly and everyone for your encouragement. I think the other vet was
going on the assumption that Junior's lymph system was doing it's job. I
pray that is the case. HI glands have been swollen for about 8 weeks. He
seems to have some pain near his left ear.

He still eats well although his coat has not looked good since he was dx.
This actually goes back to when he was hit by a car. I think maybe it is not
so easy for him to groom himself.

My bf was feeling bad yesterday and lashed out on me for caring more about
the cats than him. It is hard to keep a balance. Junior is actually his cat.
Men are not good at showing emotions. He is very hurt by Junior's illness. I
said b4 he lost two Himalayan cats to this horrible disease. It must have
come from the cattery where he got the kitten.

Sincere thanks


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sally, we are all sending you and junior a lot of good thoughts,,,and
remember, if the worse happens and it is lymphoma, it is usually very
treatable. Cats also get very swollen lymph nodes from everyhting,
please keep us posted,

>I just wanted you to know Junior is having a needle aspiration done
>this Friday of his lymph nodes which were enlarged at his last
>appointment. I called his regular vet today because I was not happy
>that nothing was done last Friday. I want to be proactive not
>reactive. His lymph nodes are swollen for one of two reasons. I
>think infection would be better than lymphoma. Either way he needs
>help. Please pray for my Junior. I upped his Transfer Factor Plus
>since it has anti-tumor properties. Thanks
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Junior needs your help with his care fighting Feline Leukemia. Our story
please help us if you can

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