Well the pee is inconvenient but I would not pts for that reason. Heck, my 3 years old has peed on the floor many times but I still have him LOL! I just don't know much about this stuff and I don't want him to suffer. I have noticed that if he pees on something non-absorbent (like my suitcase) and I don't catch it, it dries with salt looking crystals. I know I need help but I don't know what help I need. I did try the comfort zone feliway stuff that this group recommended, I don't see much of a change but the dr said that was because of the renal failure.

Kelly L wrote:
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No No No Please rethink, my kitty in CRF did pee all over, he was getting so much fluids, and he was an old tom,,,,if he is eating and comfortable and happy...He made need to have is roaming area curtailed, but there are soooo many options, If the PTS is for convenience so there is no pee on the floor that is a different issue, but it sounds like a convenient thing rather than health thing,
my CRF cat was happy for 3 years after diagnosis,,,,,
How can we help??

My vet says that the reason Midnight isn't responding to the antibiotics or the Feliway (he still pees not sprays everywhere) is because he is in renal failure. My vet is all for helping animals but says this is a one way street and there is pain and suffering at the end of the street. He suggests we say our goodbyes and put him down. I do not have a clue what to do or how to respond to this. We have only had him since the week after Christmas when he found us. Any suggestions?

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