Does anyone have the ingredients list for the varieties of Nutro Max that were third party tested? (Nutro Max gourmet classics: Chicken Cacciatore, California Chicken Supreme and Lamb & Turkey Cutlets). I wish the article would have told us outright if they have wheat gluten in them, (thanks Chris for posting it). I'm staying away from anything with wheat gluten period, (recall list or no recall list). It kills me that the majority of media coverage is still quoting the FDA about "15 confirmed" deaths. I understand the cya type of bureaucracy involved, but couldn't they give the public a hint about just how widespread this situation really is? I'm still coming across clients that haven't a clue about how dangerous it is to feed pet food without reading the label. Nina
Chris wrote:

It doesn't end---privately arranged testing shows melanite in canned Nutro Max... Aren't these companies doing any testing!!!!!!!!!!!

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