Anne, I'm sorry your little girl, Miss Sue, is gone.
She obviously knew she was loved. It sounds like you
took very good care of her...It has to be very hard
after having her for so long...Glenda and family
--- anne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Belinda,
>    Miss Sue was not feline leukemia positive.  She
> was with me for 8 years and was 10 years old.  She
> died suddenly on Friday.  I suspect her poor heart
> as she was obese and although I was working on it
> with her and thought some progress was being made
> over the last year, it was very slow going.  I
> suspect she had a metabolic disorder, though, as her
> coat was always greasy and flecked with
> dandruff-like particles, ever since I first got her.
>     She was a sweet and never complaining girl, very
> friendly to humans who visited, which is an oddity
> in itself at my house.  Most of my cats run and hide
> until the stranger is gone.  She always purred when
> I pet her and loved being combed and watching birds
> out the window.
>     She was white with tabby-like striped patches. 
> She was loved by all who knew her.  
> Thanks, Belinda,
> Anne and angels Jimi Too Cool, Simms, Buggsy and
> Nala, all feline leukemia positive and lots of other
> fur covered friends in MI, including Sophie, who
> loves you all here

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