Hi !
How I am understanding this is: 
Your kitten Sox. was too young to test for FeLv/FIV.
The vet went ahead, looked at your kitten. assumed he
was healthy and decided to just give him his first
vaccination for FeLV. 
I am guessing after Sox passed away, at nine months of
age, you started to research his background...You
learned that his mother had tested positive and his
siblings, obviously all had the virus too, contracted
through the mother. I have read, an infected Queen
infects 100% of the offspring...
 Your kitty, that you have now was also vaccinated,
right? Did this kitty live with Sox? Do you think this
kitty contracted the virus from Sox? Had you ever had
this kitty tested in the past and at one time was his
test negative? 
I'm glad you are here and there are some very well
informed, wonderful people here, who will share
everything they have learned with you to help you take
care of the kitty you have. From what I am learning,
older kitties that are only exposed to the virus can
sometimes throw the virus, but you need to build up
your kitty's immune system and keep your kitty free of
stress...How old is the kitty you have now? You have
not asked any real questions...Ask away and you will
get lots of help and emotional support...The best of
luck to you and do not be afraid to fight this awful
disease with the help of the friends you will find
here. Glenda 
--- Malone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I was told I didn't need to test anymore by my vet
> that Sox was healthy, and
> he was vaccinated. I wish I had waited until he was
> a few weeks older,
> tested him, and then I would have known. He died at
> 9 months, and he had
> been vaccinated. His mother had FeLV, but at the
> time I didn't know. She was
> a feral that wasn't caught until the month after he
> died. All his litter
> mates died as well. I really still know nothing
> about this virus other than
> the fact it is heart wrenching to see a beloved pet
> die. I will always test.
> Now my baby boy, who has been vaccinated, has
> contracted the virus. He is
> healthy, and I try to learn from people here how to
> keep him healthy. 

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