I've always been told it doesn't hurt to vaccinate a positive cat.  If I had a 
kitten that tested positive I would vaccinate it anyway hoping that the 
positive is a false positive or that the kitten has only been exposed and is 
fighting off the virus.

Malone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
                I was told I didn’t need to test anymore by my vet that Sox was 
healthy, and he was vaccinated. I wish I had waited until he was a few weeks 
older, tested him, and then I would have known. He died at 9 months, and he had 
been vaccinated. His mother had FeLV, but at the time I didn’t know. She was a 
feral that wasn’t caught until the month after he died. All his litter mates 
died as well. I really still know nothing about this virus other than the fact 
it is heart wrenching to see a beloved pet die. I will always test. Now my baby 
boy, who has been vaccinated, has contracted the virus. He is healthy, and I 
try to learn from people here how to keep him healthy. 

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