I just have a couple questions: Did Squeaky and
Stripes have the FeLV virus for many years and
survive? If so maybe both were just carriers? The fact
Stripes lived to age 16, even with illnesses during
that time, is still amazing. 
As for the heart problems you have been facing:
Many years ago I had a kitty that was diagnoised with
a heart problem...forgot the name of it, where the
heart is enlarged, and fluid builds up in the
lungs...Well this I think may have been a genetic
condition ? I still do not know...
 At the time I tried to read up on all I could and saw
where sometimes huge doses of taurine helped save some
cats that might otherwise have succumbed to various
heart conditions...This was twenty years ago...I know
a lot has come to light since then. I'm sure there is
a lot of info online and I'm sure you have been neck
deep in it...
I guess it cannot hurt for all of us here to know a
little about everything when it comes to our
cats...The very best to you and Lucy...please keep us
posted regarding her progress and treatments.  
Thank you, Glenda

--- laurieskatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Angela, I am so sorry....for your loss, your pain
> and the uncertainty....I unexpectedly lost Keisha 5
> weeks ago. I didn't even know she was sick (not
> feline leukemia+). Now another of mine has a similar
> heart problem (not related and not
> contagious)....somedays I am overwhelmed...I try to
> know that what I learned with Keisha will help me
> better care for Lucy.
> a note of hope ~ I had two feline leuk positive
> boys. Squeaky was never sick during his first 22
> years. Stripes lived to 16 despite being sick on and
> off. We have finally figured out a protocol that is
> working for Isabella for now. She was sicker than
> the boys and came to us in May (years after the boys
> died). There is hope. If your kittys have feline
> leukemia, then it's plan B for treatment. Please try
> to breathe and know that they are in good hands and
> you can handle whatever comes your way. These
> kitties are put in our lives for a reason. ALLOW
> yourself to grieve and be mad and's all
> part of the process. 
> My heart reaches to yours...right this
> and all 3 kitties are in my prayers.
> Safe journey to your Midnight. 
> One comfort I had from the sudden death of Keisha
> was she was giving me the gift of not having to
> watch her suffer over weeks or months and not having
> to make a tough decision for her someday.
> Godspeed,
> Laurie  

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