Hello Everyone,

My name is Michael Roberts.? I just received word a few hours ago about one of 
my "babies" being diagnosed, so bear with me if this takes me a while to get 

First of all, a bit of background information.? I currently have three cats, 
all Siamese and all from rescues.? The oldest, and the one with the FeLV 
diagnosis, is approximately 6-7 years old, and the other two are?a little over 
two.? The first one came from a local rescue shelter here in Tennessee called 
Angel Wings, which has since been shut down. The other two came from VA Siamese 
Rescue, an organization that my partner and I are still somewhat active in.? We 
volunteer to transport on occasion and remain in the newsgroups/email lists.

I took all three for their checkups today, and the vet asked if we watned them 
tested for FeLV, to which we agreed.? The test on Grizzabella came back 
positive. The test on Penelope was negative, and they ran out of tests, so 
Poppy hasn't been tested yet.? I did request them to retest Grizzabella (even 
though they charged me again), and the blood was drawn and sent out for 
Grizzabella's retest and Poppy's test today, and we should have results by 

Here's my issue....this is my first time dealing with FeLV, and I don't know 
what to do or what to expect.? All three of those cats are our children, and I 
can't bear the thought of seperating them or giving Grizzabella up because 
she's sick, but I don't know how likely it is the other two will contract the 
disease, or how to seperate them.? I'm not sure what to do about treatment, 
either.? I've heard there's no treatment, then I've heard there's meds, and 
diet changes.? I'm just not sure what my next step should be.? I noticed there 
are six stages to the disease, and four different types...I don't have any of 
that inforomation yet.? Can anyone give me a heads up and let me know where we 
should start with this?? Not sure what I need to do, guys.? I know lots of you 
have a lot of experience with this, and i'd be interested in any advice you can 

Thanks in advance.
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