Hi there,

  thank you to everyone who's posted info for us. I've been reading the
archives, but it's a lot of material to work through. Autumn has only tested
positive on the ELISA test so far. she goes back in 6 mos for a second round
of testing. At that point we will redo the ELISA and send off for the IFA.
Her vet didn't give me much hope for her throwing the virus. She said 15%
chance. Since that seemed so slight, I wanted to go ahead and get Autumn in
as good a position as I can for good health. If I put her on Interferon A,
should I wait until after the second test?  Autumn has been sleeping a lot
the last couple of days and it feels like her glands might be swollen under
her jaw. When she's awake she's bright eyed and runs around a lot - Should I
take her to the vet for her glands? She had her other vaccinations last
week. She seemed to run a fever after the shots, but she was very energetic
all weekend. We just want to do what's best for her.

~Susan A.

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