Wow Susan-you are so knowledgeable about the breeds. To me, it's the
black/white cat, the calico, the tabby. It's kind of like my mom and cars:
white car, red car, black truck, etc. Likewise, I'm not very aware when it
comes to the technical terms or the lingo for cat breeds. I'm interested
though, so I think I'll look up all the words in here that I have no visuals


By the way-I love the name Naughty Lola! I know exactly what she's like
without meeting her. 





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Ahhhhh, on the cover is a "SelkirkRex", described as a British Shorthair
meets Rex & sometimes meets Persian........


Finally, I have uncovered what "look" the "Frankenbreeder" from last year
was going for in my little Pugsley.


I kept saying to everyone (anyone that would listen!), he's so funny
looking, he's got curly fur but the face of a British Shorthair! Not like
the classic Rex!


So, apparently that IS a breed, but this loser was just playin' w


They come in either long or short furrage.......


This is the same house that my Naughty Lola & Ursula (both felv+) came from,
Lola being a doll faced Persian & Ursula being a British Shorthair


Looks like my little Pugsley on the cover only w/long fur, flamepoint & all!


He was a tough little cookie, medically......


He was @ the vet clinic for 6 months................!





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