Thanks for the link. I have a holistic vet but like to be able to point friends in other areas of the country to a source.

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Hi Susan
I'm happy to hear Autumn is doing better.
Here is a link to the list for the Association of Homeopathic Veterinarians:

I use both an allopathic and homeopathic vet and with the help of really generous and experienced people on this list, my once very symptomatic Felv kitten is doing well. Her progress has occurred over several months
and it has never been without setbacks.

Getting Autumn to eat and hopefully put some weight on is the important first step. If you go through the archives of this list, there are many good suggestions for appetite stimulants. Giving her food that is warm is one that helped me...also, I put warm water on wet food (really gross) and find that she will begin to lap up the water and
then the food. It is a soup of sorts, but she gets it down.

My homeopathic vet has come up with a remedy that is being used in Africa (with some success for Hiv/Aids). It is called Thulium met, and I think it has helped my cat in several ways. I give her several supplements, so it is difficult to know exactly what is doing what, but about one week after the first treatment we were able to
get rid of diarrhea, which had been impossible to treat.

In terms of swollen glands, hopefully as her immune system gets stronger, they will go down. Getting her to eat and gain weight is the first step. The supplements and remedies that helped MeMe were;
Thulium met (homeopathic remedy)
liquid DMG (to boost immunity)
l-lycine ( helps fight viruses)
Forti-Flora (probotic} to increase immunity, support digestive tract and treat diarrhea
Just Born (with colostrum ) caloric supplement

I am sorry this list has been in such turmoil when you really need help. Please continue to ask questions and report
Autumn's symptoms. There are enough people here to help you.

We're rooting for you and Autumn.


On Sep 26, 2007, at 6:12 PM, Susan Ang wrote:

Thanks to everyone who responded. Autumn is about 11 weeks old. She has really responded the treatments and has perked up considerably. The Pedialyte definitely helped. Once we brought her home from vet, I started her immediately on her antibiotics, but within the hour she had vomiting and diarrhea. She was very weak and so I would smear Nutri Cal on her paws and squirt Pedialyte in her mouth. After every treatment she would perk up and the vomiting stopped that night. She still had diarrhea the next morning but I was able to get her to start eating the prescription food off my fingers. Today she is playful, but thin. We're trying to fatten her up a bit and get her energy levels back up. She's such a precious blessing, we are very grateful that she turned around.

~Susan A.

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