My cat Bob is still having problems with constipation.  He is still currently 
negative for felv (just retested him last week).  He was positive as a kitten 
in 1992ish.  He then threw the virus, and has lived with 2 positives all his 
  He is the one who has had the oxcylate crystals.  As some of you remember my 
vet quit to work on csi cases with aspca, etc....  Bob was straining to urinate 
and I took him to the new vet at the clinic who gave him fluids and put him on 
  After 2 days he seemed worse, and was also constipated.  I called another vet 
and she said that my 'new vet' had not done a culture, and she thought Bob's 
system was messed up by the Baytril.  She did a culture.   It was negative.  
And she took him off the antibiotic.  She gave him fluids, x-rayed for stones 
(none), no crystals, put him on lactulose.
  Well we finally ended up having to give him an enema.  She has found the 
start of kidney disease, and has me giving him 150 mL of fluids each week.
  The constipation is still there!  She had me buy something compounded called 
cisapride to help his GI system.  He won't take it and foams at the mouth and 
spits it out when he does.  I have discontinued it.  Has anyone ever used this 
before?  Same results?
  I have changed him to all wet food (royal canin s/o).  I am going to start 
putting pumpkin in it.  Any further suggestions????

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