[quote="palikakitty"]Kutin and I rescued two cats from a kill shelter
and got them into a no-kill shelter. They were buddies. One was very
obese and eventually had to be put to sleep. Allie became very
depressed, stopped eating, etc. The shelter director asked me if I
would foster her. I took her tight to the vet as I have 10 cats and
can't afford to introduce a sick one. She stayed 2 weeks, got fluids,
etc. All tests came back ok except high FIP titer (1:800). Vet
recommended not putting her into my house until second FIP test in 6
weeks. Kept her in my elderly mother's basement, retested, titer
didn't change, no symptoms, vet said ok. My friend who has 3
indooroutdoor cats took her, she was fine then got a runny eye. Took
her to the vet, her vet got records from my vet and then chaos started
again. My new vet now says she wouldn't introduce this cat into my
population. She says she doesn't even suppor keeping her in our
garage/screenhouse because we could track in the virus. If we can't
find this very sweet cat a home being an only cat, we are going to
have her PTS. She is so lonely. My mom is 86 and can't take care of
a cat so that's not an option. That's my story. I am going to talk
to the vet about the Rivalta test.[/quote]

A titer test is NOT an FIP test. I don't know why anyone would even
DO a titer test unless a cat got ill and had FIP like symptoms. There
is no reason to find the cat a home being an only cat. 90%~ of all
cats who have ever been through a shelter shed coronavirus and it is
harmless except in the few cats in which it mutates to FIP. FIP *is
NOT contagious*.

Please, please find a better vet, before even considering killing this
very likely healthy cat.

If you have 10 cats in your house, 99.5% chance they have ALL been
exposed to coronavirus.

Seriously, please educate yourself before doing *anything*. Please
please please.


I just can't stand to think of someone killing a perfectly healthy cat
because it has a high titer test...

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