Hi Susan,

I have been reading about your little Autumn.  She is SO lucky to have you in 
her corner.  I agree with what everyone else has said here.  I wouldn't 
vaccinate my positive anymore.  And the archives are really a great place to 
search for info.  I love the search feature.  Do you have any other kitties at 
home?  Did you know Autumn could "throw" the virus over time if her immune 
system will fight it off?

Dallas, TX
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Thanks to everyone who responded. Autumn is about 11 weeks old. She has really 
responded the treatments and has perked up considerably. The Pedialyte 
definitely helped. Once we brought her home from vet, I started her immediately 
on her antibiotics, but within the hour she had vomiting and diarrhea. She was 
very weak and so I would smear Nutri Cal on her paws and squirt Pedialyte in 
her mouth. After every treatment she would perk up and the vomiting stopped 
that night. She still had diarrhea the next morning but I was able to get her 
to start eating the prescription food off my fingers. Today she is playful, but 
thin. We're trying to fatten her up a bit and get her energy levels back up. 
She's such a precious blessing, we are very grateful that she turned around. 

~Susan A.

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