My five love the wet Wellness-won't go near the dry!  And I have a couple
who will eat just about anything, anytime, any way!  LOL


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I went out this weekend and purchased the Wellness Core dry and some cans of
wet. Bea LOVES the wet food but wasn't all that interested in the dry.

I mixed the dry kitten food she'd been eating with some of the Wellness and
she still wouldn't eat it. Finally I put down a bowl of just her kitten food
and she ate half the bowl, poor thing probably thought I was starving her.

My husband said to just keep the mixed old kitten and new Wellness down and
eventually she'll eat....I'm not to sure about that.


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Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 14:12:34 -0400
From: Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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My cat and kittens really love the Wellness brand wet food (reccomended by
my Holistic vet).  And I mean they LOVE it!  They eat it as if it's one of
the brands like Sheba or Fancy Feast-- they just freak out over it.  You can
also tell it's such a high-quality food just by the look of it and the
smell...some varieties, like the adult wet formula, the one that has Lobster
in it-- really smells like human's crazy.  It's pretty expensive
though.  I have my one year adult cat on Wellness adult wet and Wellness
Core dry- which is Wellness's new high-protein food that is trying to take
account for the "raw food" diet and translate that, as best it can, into a
dry cat food.  I have had this one year old cat since the end of July and
she came to me (as a two-time owner surrender) as skinny, frail, tiny
necked, underweight more than a kitten-than-a-cat.  Already, she's packed on
tons of muscle, but no extra weight.  She's matured into an adult cat
overnight almost and she's not longer skinny and wimpy-- she's tough and
beefy and all filled-out, but she doesn't have an once of fat on her body.
It's been really great to watch the transition and I do think it's all due
to her diet, supplements and her happy home life.  

Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:06:03 -0700From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
Engystol & Quality FoodsTo:

I took my little 2 year old, Bea, to a holistic/hemopathetic vet last night.
He said she is doing very well and doesn't show any signs of the illness -
thank God!
He put her on Transfer Factor Plus (which many of you had mentioned, thank
you) and also Engystol.
I was wondering if anyone has heard of Engystol before or are currently
using it?

He also gave me a very LARGE list of better quality foods wet/dry to put her
Does anyone have a particular brand they like over another? Pros/Cons to any

I also wanted to share something he said to me. We were getting ready to
leave and I asked if there was anything special I should do for her? He said
"Yes, she doesn't know she is sick - so don't treat her like she is".
I immediately burst into tears, this vet is a keeper.


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