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> I have another question about so-called "normal" kittens.
> Does anyone know approximately how much weight they should be gaining each
> week?  Mine are June babies and I want to do a more accurate/better job of
> monitoring their weight and how much they should be fed.

Per my vet, and various websites:  They should be 3-4 oz when born,
and gain roughly 4 oz per week (1 lb per month).  So a rough rule of
thumb is 1 lb at 4 weeks, 2 lb at 8 weeks, 3 lb at 12 weeks.


In and of itself, small size is not a concern - I have fully grown
female cats that weigh 5 lbs.  But at some point you should have them
vet checked if they are not gaining weight, or definitely if they are
losing weight.

 I find the
> instructions for feeding on the backs of cans and dry food to be confusing
> and not very helpful....especially if you are mixing wet and dry like me.

I personally would prefer to feed nothing but wet, but I can't afford
it. I give them wet once a day and free feed dry.

Scales - my vet recommended pediatric scales.  Like this:

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