I am so sorry.  

                                                 If you have men who will 
exclude any of God's creatures
                                                 from the shelter of compassion 
and pity, you will have men who 
                                                 will deal likewise with their 
fellow man.
                                                                  St. Francis
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  From: Sherry DeHaan 
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  Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 7:59 PM
  Subject: Brian Please add him to the CLS :(

  I am sad to say that we lost sweet Brian today.His otitis caused  severe 
neurological conditions.I just saw him last Thursday and he seemed to be doing 
so good.But he took a turn for the worse.I am so grateful that I got one more 
chance to give him love one more time.I will miss his beautiful soul.

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