I should have said all but EVO and Wellness Core are CANNED>
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  Check out www.catinfo.org for the best canned cat foods....
  canned foods are not nearly as high in protein as dry. EVO Innova dry and 
Wellness Core are both 50% protein.
  The following are all crude protein minimums:
  Solid Gold, tuna 13.84%!
  By Nature Organics, no grains, 10% min protein.
  Wellness, grain free, 10%
  Evangers 10%
  Instinct, duck, 9%
  Petguard Lite 8.5%
  And why, you might ask, do I know these %ages? I have all these here because 
we have/had cats with food allergies...constantly trying to find one that works!

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