I am so sorry you and your furbabies are going through this.  I will keep you 
all on my prayer list and ask that this be resolved quickly and that things get 
back to normal for you soon.  Prayers also going out for your strength.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the 
world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!" ~~~ Margaret Meade ~~~

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Subject: Need some help

Hi guys,

My cats were seized yesterday by animal control.  I had taken some
sick animals to Emancipet for treatment and they sent the Austin
Police Department an email stating they were concerned.

I am in desperate, desperate need of monies for an attorney, since I
spend every cent I have caring for these animals.  In this case I
could not give you a tax deduction as I do when you have so kindly in
the past donated to help my animals.  I could send you a thank you
note and pay it forward to some other rescuers at some other time.

If all you can do is send your prayers that is also appreciated.



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