Alright, I am not an expert, but here's what I have know/have learned: I think 
it depends on the cause of the URI-- which with cats, we know it can be many 
different things and usually, it's too expensive to actually run a culture and 
find out what is causing the URI (unless it's a chronically suffering cat 
having a significant amount of trouble and then the cost outweighs the need).  
In cats, it's usually feline herpes (a VIRUS) OR feline caliciVIRUS causing the 
URI (but not always).  In general, viruses are not zoonotic (transmittable over 
different species).  However, if the URI is caused by a BACTERIAL infection, 
then yes, possibly it is transmittable to a dog.  Again, in general though, 
cats are more prone to URIs than dogs.  I think dogs most common shelter-type, 
highly contagious disease is 'kennel cough.'   Here are the 'general' rules:  
There are some zoonotic diseases that can be transmissible between cats, dogs, 
and humans, but they shouldn't cause upper respiratory diseases. Most are 
caused by internal parasite infections, such as giardia or tapeworms. Rabies, 
mange, and ringworm are other examples of zoonotic diseases. For cat and dog 
upper respiratory infections, however, the disease-causing agents are usually 
species-specific (hence the titles being "FELINE herpes," etc.,  and your dog 
should not be able to catch the URI from a cat.  If a dog seems to come down 
with a URI at the same time as a cat with a URI, (insert my lawyer-speak here), 
"it's more likely than not" that the dog may have actually caught it from 
another dog.
Here's a quick reference for shelters found on the internet:,
 again, I am no expert, but this is the information on the subject that I have 
found generally.Caroline 

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Hi guys,
Can dogs and cats catch colds from each other?
Sorry having brain farts right now can't remember...getting old I guess.
Somebody contacted me about this.

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