Hi Kenzie,

The general opinion around here is that there is better quality canned
food, though you also don't want to buy them food they won't eat. In
words, eating low quality food is better than not eating at all. I'm
feeding Wellness
canned and dry to my little FeLV+ girl, and she loves it and does really
well on it.


I've used Mega C and Transfer Factor at the same time after talking to
Ember's homeopathic vet about it, and there were never problems. I think
that the Mega C is good for them; I'm just not sure that I believe it
can "cure" 
FeLV+ cats, as Mega C literature hints. 

I seem to recall reading that when switching foods, it's best to have a
of the two foods for a few days and gradually phase in the new food.
probably good info on the web about switching from one food to another.
think the Wellness web site might even have this info.


On Wed, 5 Dec 2007 08:18:39 -0600, "Kenzie Kanne"
> Hi-
> I was wondering what kind of diet everyone uses for their FELV positive
> cats and kittens.  I am currently feeding mine Science Diet Kitten Chow
> and also Friskies canned in a.m. and pm.  These ladies have their habits.
>  I have tried switching their dry food and they began vomiting and quit
> eating so we continued w/ it.  I didn't know if their was a better dry or
> canned I should be feeding them or if what they are eating is okay.  I
> don't want to distress them and they do like their soft food twice a day.
> Also, I have the Transfer Factor??  Can't remember if that is how it is
> said..the powder at my house and I have been using Mega C Plus everyday
> for 3 months now...has anyone used Mega C Plus before?  Has it worked for
> you?  So do I continue w/ the Mega C plus only or do I keep using it and
> use the Transfer Factor too or should I just used the Transfer Factor. 
> Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks everyone!Kenzie KanneARC Volunteer
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