I was wondering what kind of diet everyone uses for their FELV positive cats 
and kittens.  I am currently feeding mine Science Diet Kitten Chow and also 
Friskies canned in a.m. and pm.  These ladies have their habits.  I have tried 
switching their dry food and they began vomiting and quit eating so we 
continued w/ it.  I didn't know if their was a better dry or canned I should be 
feeding them or if what they are eating is okay.  I don't want to distress them 
and they do like their soft food twice a day.
Also, I have the Transfer Factor??  Can't remember if that is how it is 
said..the powder at my house and I have been using Mega C Plus everyday for 3 
months now...has anyone used Mega C Plus before?  Has it worked for you?  So do 
I continue w/ the Mega C plus only or do I keep using it and use the Transfer 
Factor too or should I just used the Transfer Factor.  Any advice is 
appreciated.  Thanks everyone!Kenzie KanneARC Volunteer 
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