Hi guys,
 I do not come over here very often, but because, I do
miss a few, very special people here and still have my
FeLV+ little girl, I need to receive all the
information possible about this awful disease...I
also, by the way, have six negative kitties, so am
very grateful for all and any helpful information that
makes me a better cat-lady. 
Sheila wanted you guys to at least know some good,
that has happened for the cats down in Austin. She was
angry, of course, being right there in Austin, dealing
with the situation...I hope people will find it in
their hearts to forgive her?  Those of us who 'live'
on the 'other list' are hoping things will eventually
mend between our two lists, for the sake of all our
innocent, beautiful and suffering cats... 
I posted Sheila's letter to you guys, in its  complete
form, not butchered...I don't even know how to cut and
Sheila Smith was hoping to get this posted directly,
through active members on your list, but had to ask
I really hope I do not upset anyone by relaying this
'good news'. I would like to think, that this list,
like the list, I am active on, puts the welfare of
cats/all animals first...
I hope I am not going to be judged as a 'trouble
maker' ? I am not. I am just another person out there
who loves cats and who is trying to cope with this
heartbreaking disease. 
I do have to add one last comment:
 Isn't it wonderful, that at least this handful of
kitties, from this tragedy, are actually safe, loved
and being accounted for? As far as those that ended up
at the public shelter in Austin I have not
heard...sorry... Thank you for taking the time to read
our posts...
Best to everyone, Glenda 

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