I have no real answer for you. I am so glad Ember has been doing well. I
worry so much about every thing with Junior. He has been battling a URI for
months now. We are back to antihistamines as he gone though 3 antibiotics
the last was zithromax. He is a little better now. I was real worried.

I am sure a Ember will be just fine.


On Jan 24, 2008 9:21 AM, Lance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Last Saturday night, I came home to find a very large, very odorous,
> completely unformed
> poop in the box. Other than having soiled pants, Ember seemed fine. I
> held back food
> for about twelve hours, and then gave her a normal can but a small
> amount of dry food.
> She had another, similar bm on Monday morning, though the smell was
> greatly reduced.
> I stopped the dry food, but kept her on her Wellness cans. I'm just
> feeding more of it to
> make up for the loss of dry food.
> Tuesday, I spoke with my usual vet's husband (who is also a vet; my vet
> just had a baby),
> and he thought it might be bacterial overgrowth or something caused by
> Ember eating
> something she shouldn't have. The latter is certainly possible, as Ember
> sometimes seems
> to like to eat bits of fluff and fuzz off the floor (and *someone*
> doesn't vacuum as regularly
> as he should... that would be me). He suggested pumpkin, which I've been
> stirring into
> her Wellness. She's eating it pretty well, which leads me to mention
> that her appetite is
> good.
> Last night, Ember had a smaller, unformed poop. I looked a lot more
> closely at this one.
> There was a little dot of bright red blood, but that was all I could
> find. The color was a dark
> brown green. This poop was less smelly than either of the last two. I
> was so hopeful that the
> pumpkin would take care of this, or at least give her stools some form.
> I should mention that Ember is not acting differently in any way. She
> eats normally, and she's
> affectionate and very playful.
> So, right now I'm pretty nervous. I've made an appointment to see the
> vet, but I obviously can't
> see the vet who really knows Ember, and her husband is booked solid
> today. The vet we'll be
> seeing is someone I don't even know. Any thoughts on what I should ask
> or try to have her tested
> for? I'll definitely have a CBC, as Ember's due for that. Also, the vet
> mentioned treating with antibiotic,
> but he also mentioned treating with something with activated charcoal in
> it (it started with a "d"). What
> should I be expecting?
> I also ask that you keep Ember and I in your thoughts and prayers.
> Lance
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>  Lance Linimon

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