I hope this message finds Ember feeling better.  Sometimes cats just get 
diarrhea from something they ate and it takes a while to get their system back 
on track.

Lance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Hi everyone,

Last Saturday night, I came home to find a very large, very odorous,
completely unformed
poop in the box. Other than having soiled pants, Ember seemed fine. I
held back food
for about twelve hours, and then gave her a normal can but a small
amount of dry food.

She had another, similar bm on Monday morning, though the smell was
greatly reduced.
I stopped the dry food, but kept her on her Wellness cans. I'm just
feeding more of it to
make up for the loss of dry food.

Tuesday, I spoke with my usual vet's husband (who is also a vet; my vet
just had a baby),
and he thought it might be bacterial overgrowth or something caused by
Ember eating
something she shouldn't have. The latter is certainly possible, as Ember
sometimes seems
to like to eat bits of fluff and fuzz off the floor (and *someone*
doesn't vacuum as regularly
as he should... that would be me). He suggested pumpkin, which I've been
stirring into
her Wellness. She's eating it pretty well, which leads me to mention
that her appetite is

Last night, Ember had a smaller, unformed poop. I looked a lot more
closely at this one. 
There was a little dot of bright red blood, but that was all I could
find. The color was a dark
brown green. This poop was less smelly than either of the last two. I
was so hopeful that the
pumpkin would take care of this, or at least give her stools some form.

I should mention that Ember is not acting differently in any way. She
eats normally, and she's
affectionate and very playful. 

So, right now I'm pretty nervous. I've made an appointment to see the
vet, but I obviously can't
see the vet who really knows Ember, and her husband is booked solid
today. The vet we'll be
seeing is someone I don't even know. Any thoughts on what I should ask
or try to have her tested
for? I'll definitely have a CBC, as Ember's due for that. Also, the vet
mentioned treating with antibiotic,
but he also mentioned treating with something with activated charcoal in
it (it started with a "d"). What
should I be expecting?

I also ask that you keep Ember and I in your thoughts and prayers. 

Lance Linimon

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